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Bone Metastasis Book
- Biology and Treatment of Colorectal Cancer Metastasis (Developments in Oncology)

- Prostate Cancer and Bone Metastasis
This book presents what is known about the basic biology and clinical aspects of the metastatic lesions to the bone with which most patients of prostate cancer die. Japanese and US scientists and practitioners presented the 33 papers at a conference in Gotenba, Japan, December 1990; they discuss the epidemiology in the two countries, the biology of both the cancer and the metastases, animal and in vitro experiments, pathology, evaluation, and treatment.

- Lymphatic Drainage of the Skin and Breast Locating the Sentinel Nodes
This book explores means for the earliest detection of breast cancer metastasis.

- Microcirculation in Cancer Metastasis

- Bone Metastasis: Mechanisms and Pathophysiology
A multi-authored book that focuses on the significant advances made over the last decade in elucidating a variety of mechanisms which are involved in the process of bone metastasis.

- Lymphatic Metastasis and Sentinel Lymphonodectomy

- Atlas of Selective Sentinel Lymphadenectomy for Melanoma, Breast Cancer Andcolon Cancer (Cancer Treatment and Research, 111)

- Surgical Treatment of Metastatic Cancer

- Cell Adhesion & Invasion Mechanisms in Cancer Metastasis

- The Genetics of Cancer: Genes Associated with Cancer Invasion, Metastasis & Cell Proliferation

- Microcirculation in Cancer Metastasis

- Calcium Signalling in Cancer

- Mechanisms of Invasion & Metastasis

- Practical Approaches to Cancer Invasion & Metastases: A Compendium of Radiation Oncologists' Responses to 40 Histories

- Mammary Tumorigenesis & Malignant Progression: Advances in Cellular & Molecular Biology of Breast Cancer

- The Tumour Microenvironment - No 240: Causes & Consequences of Hypoxia & Acidity

- Local Invasion & Spread of Cancer: Cancer Growth & Progression

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