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Bone Metastasis:
-Information, Treatment
-Find/ Ask Doctor
-Alternative Treatment
-Support Group
-Survivor Tips
-News/ Newsletter
-Book Store

    Primary Cancers:
-Breast Cancer
-Lung Cancer
-Prostate Cancer
-Thyroid Cancer
-Kidney Cancer
-Other Cancers

Best Sites for Bone Metastasis Support, Group:
>General Guide
>Local Resource
>Chat Room
>Message Board
>Face to Face Support
>Patient-Survivor Support
>Survivor Story
>Cancer Hotline
>Mailing List
>on Radio
>Daily Coping
>Donation, Volunteer

General Guide to Bone Metastasis Support Group:
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Guide to Bone Metastasis Support, Group -

Local Resource for Bone Metastasis Support:
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Excellent Database to Search for Local Bone Metastasis Support Group, Organizations... - cancer
All Community Resource for Bone Metastasis Support, Group, Events... - American Cancer Society

Online Bone Metastasis Chat Room:
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Large Participation by patient, family, survivors, friend...; in cancer chat room - Yahoo Chat
Cancer Chat Room - AOL
    Bone Metastasis Chat Room: Weekly in Small Group, or Expert Facilitated   -
    Cancer Chat Room   -   onco

Bone Metastasis Message Board:
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Big Participation; Many Groups; Bone Metastasis Message Board - Yahoo
    Many Bone Metastasis Message Boards   -   MSN
    Large Participation; on Bone Metastasis Message Board   -   AOL
    on Bone Metastasis Message Board   -   bone
    Less Active; on Bone Metastasis Bulletin Board   -
    Bone Cancer Message Board; Less Active   -   e health forum

Face to Face Bone Metastasis Support Group:
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    Local Cancer/ Bone Metastasis Support Group List; by State (Some don't Have)   0   gildas

Bone Metastasis Patient-Survivor Support Group:
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Bone Metastasis Support by Phone; Matches Newly Diagnosed with Successfully Treated Cancer Patient of Same Type - Bloch National Cancer Hotline
    Bone Metastasis Support Group: Patient, Family + Trained Survivors   -   1-800-345-6324
Individual Cancer Support to Patient, Family by Trained Survivors of Similar Experience - 1-800-345-6324
    Individual Cancer Support to Patient, Family by Trained Survivors; by Email or Phone   -   1-800-345-6324
Patient, Family to Talk with trained Volunteer Survivors; 24 hours - support

Inspirational Bone Metastasis Survivor Story:
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    Bone Metastasis Survivor Story; 2x accounts   -
    Bone Metastasis Story; Australian TV Star   -

Bone Metastasis Support Hotline:
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Cancer Support Hotline answered by cancer social worker; also Online Live help - 1-800-4-CANCER
TTY (deaf, hard hearing): 18003328615 (9am-4:30pm local time) NCI
Cancer Support Hotline; patient, family to call for question; Any Time in US - 1-800-ACS-2345
American Cancer Society
Individual, Group Support about Emotional, Practical Matters; answered by cancer social worker - 1-800-813-HOPE (4673)
    Cancer Information, Emotional Support, Resource Referral   -   800-525-3777 8:30-5 mst
    Information, Support for Body Image/Self-Esteem Issues   -   800-395-LOOK
look good feel

Mailing List for Bone Metastasis Support Group:
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Join Advanced Breast Cancer Support Group or View Patient's Discussion Messages -

Radio Programs for Cancer Support:
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weekly syndicated Call-In Cancer Talk Show linking callers with Other Patients, Long-Term Survivors, experienced Physicians, and Therapists; Free; also Web Access; Worldwide; also in French - Vital

Bone Metastasis Depression, Job Coping, Support:
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Cancer/ Bone Metastasis Family, Job, Social Coping, Support -
    Emotional Coping with Cancer/ Bone Metastasis Depression, Anxiety, Sexuality   -
    Bone Cancer/ Metastasis Appearance Tips; Look Good, Feel Better   -

Bone Metastasis Donation, Volunteer:
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Cancer/ Bone Metastasis Donation, Volunteer; for Research, Support - md
    Cancer/ Bone Metastasis Donation; Volunteer help; for Research, Education, Advocacy, Service   -

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