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Brain Tumor Book
- Second Chance (music CD)
If you ever wanted to hear courage, the CD's by Not By Chance and David Bailey are what you are looking for. You will feel the courage, peace, strength, and love that people feel when they take a look at what is important in life. If you like the book "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff because it's All Small Stuff." you will enjoy this group's work - it will help you stay on track.

- Vista Point (music CD)
Bailey's lyrics rank up with some of the greatest Pop Lyricists of our day... Billy Joel, Elvis Costello, etc. Yet the music is powerful too.. If you are looking for music that promotes peace & harmony in life.. look no further. This ain't no Madonna, it is music for your soul. You'll find yourself listening to this cd over and over, never even thinking about changing it..unless you have one of the other nbc cd's.

- 100 Q&a About Brain Tumors
Consumer text provides authoritative, practical answers to questions regarding treatment options, post-treatment quality of life, and sources of support. Co-authored by a brain-tumor survivor, book explains what to expect after the diagnosis and the treatment of a brain tumor. Softcover.

- Navigating Through a Strange Land: A Book for Brain Tumor Patients and Their Families
Includes both professional guidance information and the moving personal stories of brain tumor patients, their family members, and their professional caregivers. This revised and expanded 2nd edition contains new stories of hope and healing, along with an updated resource directory.

- Childhood Brain & Spinal Cord Tumors
For parents, there are few childhood diagnoses more frightening than a brain tumor. This is exactly the book to have in that situation. The latest entry in the excellent "Patient-Centered Guides" series, it maintains a nice balance between providing solid clinical information and sharing stories of emotional support.

- Living Proof : A Medical Mutiny
"The book's author, Ben, is not just a role model, but a hero for the 160,000 people who are diagnosed yearly with brain cancer. He lights the pathway to empowerment in the decision-making process."-Paul M. Zeltzer, MD, neuro-oncologist at Cedars Sinai Medical Center

- Making Miracles Happen
A book that entertains, educates, and empowers at the same time. Ten years ago, doctors at the Mayo Clinic told thirty-four-year-old Greg Smith that he had an inoperable brain tumor. They gave him three months to live.
Today, ten years later, Smith is fit, symptom-free, and managing his tumor with an experimental hormone therapy--living proof that no matter how dire the diagnosis, you don't have to accept a death sentence.

- In Sickness & in Health: One Woman's Story of Love, Loss, and Healing
In this well-crafted book of memoir, a woman recounts her husband's battle with terminal brain cancer. Men and women who have lost a life partner to cancer or Alzheimer's will immediately recognize Lynch's all-too-familiar description of the decline of her husband's memory and motor skills, but will find emotional support and healing comfort as they join her on the journey through grief and recovery.

- The Brain Disorders Sourcebook
Complicated and wondrous in its workings, the human brain is composed of trillions of cells, each assigned to a task that gives humans the capability to live, think, and remember. When something goes wrong within the brain, or interferes with its blood flow, the consequences can be serious. The Brain Disorders Sourcebook is a complete guide to the normal functioning of the brain and what happens when problems arise.

- The Disability Experience: A Healing Journey
The book guides the reader from a feeling of disability to a feeling of wellness. The author examines the psychological impact of serious disability. His theme is that individuals are able to cope with the affects of their disability. In doing so, the individual finds gratification and meaning. The healing journey is the path from experiencing failure and disability to an experience adequacy and capability. Dr. Soissons-Segal draws on his personal experiences and those of his clients to demonstrate his premise. The reader is invited to partake of the journey by answering a series of questions after each section.

- Liebman's Neuroanatomy Made Easy and Understandable
The book consolidates the essentials of neuroanatomy, with many visual aids, an easy-going writing style, case studies, sample exam questions, and a special glossary that provides word meanings, origins, and common derivatives to help readers remember and understand the new vocabulary.

- Clinical Neuroanatomy Made Ridiculously Simple (3rd Edition; Book & CD-ROM)
Helps medical students rapidly master the part of neuroanatomy that is essential to clinical care. Covers general organization, blood supply, meninges and spinal fluid, spinal cord, brain stem, visual system, autonomic system, and hypothalamus, cerebellum, basal ganglia and thalamus, cerebral cortex, and a clinical review. Previous edition: c2000. Softcover.

- Brain Tumor Invasion
This book provides a comprehensive review of the biological mechanisms, including chemical carcinogenesis, growth factors, oncogenes, and tumor suppressers, responsible for the increased ability of gliomas to metastasize in the central nervous system. This book describes how these factors relate to the invasive process and how this information may be used in new anti-invasive therapeutic strategies.

- Force a Miracle : Foreword by Mike Ditka
Darryl Didier was highly active in organized sports and went on to recieve his BS deegree at Indiana State University. Upon graduation he attained his series 7 license and began to work for Merrill Lynch. After his bout with the brain tumor he wrote his book while attending the word renowned writing seminars at Iowa University.
Any person with a physical or mental deficit, who thinks life is unfair, should read this story of unflagging courage and faith.

- Busy Peoples Low-Fat Cookbook
Dawn Hall published her first cookbook when she needed to raise money to pay for her late husband’s brain cancer treatment. She has sold more than 650,000 copies of her three books: Down Home Cooking without the Down Home Fat, Busy People’s Low-Fat Cookbook and Second Serving of Busy People’s Low-Fat Recipes.

- The Gliomas
Comprehensive book on the related disciplines surrounding neuro-oncology for clinicians, students, and allied health professionals. Provides basic concepts that are emerging in this field and how to capitalize on them for further progress. Halftone images. Extensive references.

- The Practical Management of Low-Grade Primary Brain Tumors
Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, MI. Text on the management of patients with low-grade brain tumors. Discusses biopsy, radical surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and untreated patients. For clinicians. Halftone illustrations. DNLM: Brain Neoplasms--therapy.

- Magic Cancer Bullet
Gleevec is one of the few cancer drugs hailed as a breakthrough that, so far, has largely lived up to its hype. Vasella, the CEO and chairman of pharmaceutical giant Novartis (which manufactures Gleevec), and Slater (Jack Welch & the GE Way) outline the development, remarkably successful clinical trials and accelerated production and approval process that led to the drug's speedy entry onto the market for the treatment of a rare cancer known as chronic myeloid leukemia (CML). Although the story's components-devoted scientists, risk-taking executives and activist patients-lend themselves to a gripping insider narrative, the book lacks the details and depth of feeling needed to make that story come alive. Repetition and stilted writing slow the account down further. As a result, the book reads largely as an extended press release for Novartis. Things begin to pick up toward the end, particularly when Vasella defends the high cost of the drug and discusses the challenge of managing patient, media and investor expectations. Gleevec may indeed represent a new direction for cancer research, but the excitement that fact should generate is not captured here.

- The Chemotherapy & Radiation Therapy Survival Guide (Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy Survivor's Guide, 2nd Ed)
Written by two nurses who understand the questions patients have before and during chemotherapy or radiation therapy, this book is very easy to read but doesn't skimp on technical details when necessary. The chapters cover basics about the treatment, how to deal with side-effects, getting good nutrition, support, and bone-marrow transplants. I work at a Cancer Center and our patients really like this book because it de-mystifies the process and helps guide them through from beginning to end. There is comfort in knowing what is coming and they feel reassured to know that there are ways to deal with just about everything that may come their way. Since our patients are usually very interested in mind/body techniques during chemotherapy, I especially like the chapters on Mind/Body techniques, relaxation and visualization. The authors seem to know just what patients are looking for and what they need.


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