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    What are the cancer centers/hospitals with approved programs by the Commission on Cancer?

    They are the cancer centers standing out among the rest with areas in improving cancer patients survival and quality of life.

    How a cancer center's/ hospitals program is approved by the Commission on Cancer?

    First the Commission on Cancer establishs 36 standards in cancer quality treatment, care, and thse standards are constantly updated so to reflex the new best possible approaches. Peroidically cancer centers will be surveyed to examine whether these high standards are properly implemented. Only one in four cancer centers are approved for such programs.

    How can I find a cancer center with approved program by the Commission on Cancer in my area?

    On the Commission on Cancer website there is a page you can search for an approved cancer center near you by city, state and various categories (go here). Also for more details regarding their mission, they have other public friendly listings for you to explore.

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