cancer hospice resource
cancer hospice resource
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Cancer Hospice Resource:
Cancer Hospice Guide, Information

Living with Cancer: care at home guide, spiritual care... (

- Guide to Caring for Young Persons with Cancer at Home (

End of Life Issues, Help:

End of life issues: questions and answers (
- When Cure Is No Longer Likely, Living Each Day (menu to left,
- A Dying Personís Guide To Dying (hospice
- End-of-Life Issues: pain and symptom management, making decisions, ... (cancer
- Finding Meaning (growth
- Easing the Spirit (cancer
- Many Hospice, Comfort Care, End of Life Issues; Talk to Specialist (dying

- The Dying of Children (growth
- Prepare your Child for Death (

- A collection of stories about death and dying (hospice

- Radio: information, support, music, (growth

Hospice Information, Guide:

Six Frequently Asked Questions about Hospice palliative care (
- Hospice guide, tips for cancer patients (onco
- Frequently Asked Questions About Hospice (hospice
- When Can Hospice Help? (american
- Basic information about home care, hospice, palliative care (people living with

- Hospice Information for Teens (ulman

- Hospice team (hospice

How to Select a Hospice, Database:

How to Select A Hospice palliative care Provider (
- How to select local hospice, guide, links (hospice
- Questions you should ask about hospice care (hospice

- Search for Hospice, Grief Counseling, Pediatric Palliative Care... (
- Hospice Search (american
- Where to find hospice (growth

- Hospice mailing list (

Organizations, Helpline:

Hospice information, resources, 800.331.1620 or 207.255.8800 for good hospice, palliative care, referrals in USA, discussion issues (hospice
- Hospice palliative care basic information, helpline: 1-800-658-8898 (M-F, 9:00am-5:00pm Eastern) or e-mail us at (
- Hospice information, pain management, children, caregiver, bereavement (hospice
- National Coalition of Organizations Clearinghouse for sharing information and ideas to improve care for dying (
- Improving care for the dying: hospice, palliative care, pain relief, family and loved ones, friend, grief (growth

Hospice Pharmacy:

Hospice care pharmacy (

Financial, Legal Issues, Support:

Hospice financial assistance, support: medicare benefits, (hospice
- Your Legal Rights Under the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993, (hospice
- On-line directory of lawyers specializing in end-of-life legal issues, (american
- All about Advance Directives (people living with
- Child Funeral Financial Costs... (

Grief, Resource:

Enduring Loss (growth
- Caregiving, grief and workplace, grief and school, faith, children, Working Through Grief, Hospice resource links (american

- Support Links and Books for Bereaved Parents (
- Poems, Thoughts about Grief of Loss of Children , More (

- Ask expert about grief (american

- Readings, Prayers and Spiritual Support for Those Keeping Vigil and Giving Care (hospice

Funeral, Memorial Planning:

Funeral and Memorial Planning resource (growth
- End of Life issues, spiritual poems, funeral planning (

- Planning Funeral, Memorial Service for your Child (


Hospice resource, links (cancer survival tool
- improve care for dying persons and their families (partnership for
- Palliative, Comfort Care and Hospice (
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