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Cancer Information Resource:

Cancer Information Guide:

Cancer information, symptom, diagnosis, picture, treatment by WebMd, (
- Cancer information from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), risk factors, prevention, screening, statitics, (
- Cancer information, symptom, treatment education, by audio (cancer

How to Search Cancer Information:
How to search cancer information, picture on the internet, tips, (
- understanding research, drug approval, how to read abstract (under clinical trial) (people living with
- literature, 1963-present cancer publications, abstracts (info
- Search medline for cancer information, symptom, treatment, latest research (i

- Ask librarian about cancer information (i

- American Cancer Society brochures for cancer risk factors, treatment options..., free ( 

Bio-, Medicine Search Engines:

PubMed: search cancer information from research journals (
- A gateway consumer health and human services web site, (health
- PubMed search (

- search for medical word, directories (mw 

Health Tools:

Body mass index, drug prescription, over-counter, symptom search, flowchart, (family
- Ideal weight, symptom diagnosis, longevity recipes, … (
- Healthy living information, health risk Self-assessment tool (health
- Many health tools, (web
- Many health tools, (health and
- personal health assessment, need to register (mayo
- emotional health checkup, healthy for your age?, discover worst health habit, more information on left (i village
- health calculator (i village
- Health risk caculator, drug checker…, (aurora health

- Planners and Checkers, What's In This Food? Just For Kids (of All Ages) (           

Hospital Tips:

What to bring to clinic, hospital, visitor information (

Cancer Risk Assessment, Factor:

Check your cancer risk, factor (
- Recommended Guidelines for Cancer Screening for Women & Men, by age (lady
- Self-exam, for breast, colon, testicular cancer symptom, signs, (
- Information for cancer screening, detection, various types (
- Cancer prevention, various types (
- Cancer risk factor, assessment information, (cancer supportive

- Cancer risk assessment, genetic counseling, genetic susceptibility testing, and others, (

- Smoking cessation guide (web           

Cancer Genetic Risk, Screening:

Genetics of specific cancers and inherited cancer syndromes, and information about ethical, legal, and social concerns (
- Cancer genetic testing, prevention (people living with
- Cancer genetics resource to prevent cancer (
- Cancer genetic test (cancer supportive
- Cancer genetic testing, cancer prevention (inteli

Understanding Cancer:

Anatomy: animation, pictures, descriptions, easy to learn (inner
- Large collection of anatomy pictures, histology (microscopic picture) (
- Anatomic picture, several systems (
- Learn basic anatomy, with picture (kids

- Biology of cancer, disease process, approaches in cancer treatment (cancer
- Cancer symptom, diagnosis, treatment, video, audio (covenant
- Cancer staging information, question and answer (
- Cancer grade information, question and answer (
- Various cancer topics, top expert interview, (

- Cancer Pet scan picture, (onco           

Test, Diagnosis for Cancer:

Cancer lab diagnosis test, valus, purpose, … (e cure
- Understand lab tests, view by test index, disease, menu on top, right (lab tests
- Blood tests information (
- Diagnosis tests, procedures directory (i village           

Got Symptom? Find the Diagnosis:

What’s wrong with me, or my child, self-diagnosis (i village
- Got symtom? find what's wrong, self-diagnosis (family
- Got signs/ symptom? find out what's wrong, self-diagnosis information, (e cure
- Is this a cancer symptom? find out (
- Signs and diagnosis (symptom
- Symptoms may be found in various medical conditions (health and           

Cancer Treatment, Drug:

profiler, better-informed treatment decisions using information from evidence-based, peer-reviewed medical literature (cancer
- Advances in Cancer Research, News from ASCO's Annual Meeting, top expert interview (
- Guide to access to worldwide drugs, (kidney cancer
- Newly approved cancer managements by FDA, frequently updated (

- general cancer treatment concerns, Tips from physicians on how to communicate with your cancer care team and make informed decisions about your care (onco
- Cancer second opinion information, for various situation (cancer supportive

- cancer treatment types, options (           

- Avastin: A New Hope for Halting Cancer?-- Harold Burstein, MD-- 02/27/04 (web

Cancer Chemotherapy

Cancer chemotherapy information center (
- Cancer chemotherapy information (onco
- Cancer chemotherapy information (
- Cancer chemotherapy question and answer (cancer supportive           

Cancer Drug Information

drug, what you should know, interactions, get most of pharmacy visit, how to lower cost, … (medicine
- Cancer drug information, Development and Approval (
- search drug information by generic, brand/trade names, (
- America's Pharmaceutical Companies - Find drugs in development and FDA approved drugs, (
- New drug evaluation, approval, (
- Find Manufacturers by drug, drug usage…, (drug info

- How to get drugs not yet approved by FDA (cure our

- Drug search, (rx
- Drug directory (i village
- Drug interactions, depletions (health and           

Cancer Radiation Treatment:

Cancer radiation information center (
- Cancer radiation treatment information (onco
- Radiosurgery Group at johns hopkins (hopkins
- Cancer proton therapy (onco
- Cancer proton beam radiosurgery and fractionated radiosurgery, (
- Interventional Neuroradiology and Therapeutic Embolization, (
- Question and answer about cancer radiation treatment, (cancer supportive
- The American Gamma Knife Network (gamma knife

- Proteomics: the study of protein shape, function, and patterns of expression to develope better prevention, screening, and treatment options (

- Plants and cancer treatment: botany education resource (           

Cancer Biologic Therapy:

Cancer immunotherapy information, treatment (cancer supportive           

Bone Marrow, Stem Cell Transplant:

bone marrow transplant center, (bmt info
- Stem cell transplant Information (
- Autologous bone marrow, stem cell transplant, flow chart, (

Cancer Picture:

Cancer growth, invasion, picture (drawing) (
- Cancer picture collection (
- normal vs cancer pictures, search (e cure
- Photo, picture search links (med bio
- electron microscopic picture of cancer cells (med bio 

Cancer Video:

Excellent urology cancer video collection (patient

- Cancer signs, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment options, prognosis, by cancer types (cancer
- specific information for various cancer types, (health
- Cancer symptom, diagnosis, treatment choices, prognosis, by cancer types (
- cancer stories, information video (city of
- Cancer conferences, news, events, care, (onco           


links to cancer resource (
- links to cancer organizations (health
- Search the Health Information Resource Database (

- Community of Science, find who’s who, doing what, ( 


Cancer pathology report terms, more (the doctors

- Gynecologic cancer dictionary (gyn
- pregnancy glossary (paternity
- gynecologic cancer dictionary (ohsu
- Gynecological Health Glossary (
- Gynecological Health Glossary (methodist

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