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    Childhood Cancer Book  (popular)
Kid, Teen Go Here!
- Childhood Cancer
This book features a wealth of resources for parents of children with solid tumor cancers, plus many stories of "veteran" parents. Parents will encounter medical facts simply explained, practical advice to ease their daily lives, and tools to be strong advocates for their child. Includes a passport to record patient's medical history.

- Principles and Practice of Pediatric Oncology


- Childhood Cancer Survivors
In my opinion, this book is a must for childhood cancer survivors. The late effects of chemotherapy and radiation last for years past treatment for the disease. This book is a great reference and resource for both the survivors and their parents.

Coping with Pain, Stress:

- The Relaxation Response
This is an excellent resource for the relaxation method of pain relief.

- A Child In Pain: How to Help, What to Do
Thoroughly explains how to understand, assess, and alleviate pain. Excellent resource.

- Stress-Proofing Your Child: Mind-Body Exercises to Enhance Your Child's Health
New York: Bantam Books, 1996. This book is highly recommended for all parents. It clearly explains easy ways to teach children techniques such as guided imagery, deep breathing, and meditation to decrease stress, increase a child's sense of control, and boost children's confidence. A wonderful, practical book.


- Your Child in the Hospital: A Practical Guide for Parents
A pocket guide full of parent stories to help others prepare their children physically and emotionally for hospitalizations.

- Helping the Fearful Child
Although this book was written as a guide for everyday and problem anxieties, it is full of excellent advice for parents of children undergoing traumatic procedures. This book is out of print, but may be available in your local library.

Daily Coping:

- Living With Childhood Cancer, A Practical Guide to Help Families Cope
"I highly recommend this book for parents of children with cancer. It provides precisely what the title promises: 'A practical guide to help families cope.' Unfortunately, this book was not available until my son was off-treatment for cancer; today, turning the pages of the book , I find the reading comforting, cozy . . . kind of like sitting down and talking with a good friend. The authors know what I felt during those first stressful years of treatment, and if I had had the book then, I would have felt both comforted and armed with methods to deal with the psychological turmoil that comes with hearing those words "your child has cancer". Woznick and Goodheart include useful chapters on relieving pain and side effects, encouraging child development during treatment, and building self-esteem in your child, as well as a chapter on dying and grieving. The book also has an excellent resource section, forty-four pages of annotated listings of helpful organizations, support groups, web sites, books, and videos."

- Armfuls of Time
The psychological experience of the child with a life threatening illness.

- Your Child has Cancer: A Guide to Coping
Lots of practical advice in a short (212 pages) book. Touches on lots of different subjects from the hospital itself, to taking care of a child at home, to integrating school, to hair loss, to coping with death (although that's really short).

- Children With Cancer : Communication and Emotions
Reports the findings of a study (funded by the Dutch Cancer Society and the Foundation for Pediatric Cancer Research) on the communication between parents and their child with cancer--the concept of communication not being restricted to the informational transfer of facts about the disease, but also including the exchange of information on emotions and the degree to which the disease is discussed.

- Cancer and Self-Help: Bridging the Troubled Waters of Childhood Illness
The University of Wisconsin Press, 1995. Explains how self-help groups are formed, how they function and recruit, and why they are effective.


- Straight from the Siblings
Written by sixteen children who have brothers and sisters with a life-threatening illness who met at the Center for Attitudinal Healing. A must-read for both parents and siblings.

- What About Me?
When Brothers and Sisters Get Sick by Allan Peterkin, Frances Middendorf. synopsis: "Laura experiences conflicting emotions when her brother becomes seriously ill. Includes suggestions for parents to help their well children cope with a chronically ill sibling."

Biographical/Other Families' Stories

- Fly With a Miracle
Sheila writes of her son Andrew's diagnosis and treatment for osteosarcoma. Andrew was 18 at the time of diagnosis, the year was 1984. Active in sports, his dream was to become a pilot. This British family was based in Africa, but Andrew and Sheila's other sons were in boarding schools in England at the time of diagnosis. Sheila returned to London to be with her son during his chemo and surgery for osteosarcoma. Luckily they found cutting-edge treatments to save his leg. In the 1980s, they did not have the nausea-controlling drugs that they have today - reading those parts of the book made me wince, thinking how it could have been easier for him with what they know today. One additional reason that I enjoyed the book was because of all the references to places in London that I visited the summer before I read it. The book was interesting reading; even though the Belshaws have a totally different lifestyle than I do, so many of the references to having a teen with cancer made me say "been there, bought the T-shirt" (a phrase which she herself used in the book). Against all odds Andrew eventually became a pilot and realized his lifelong dream. A true story, btw.

- Fighting Chance, Journeys Through Childhood Cancer
a photo-journal by Harry Connolly, Tom Clancy, and Curt Civin. This book follows three children through treatment for childhood cancer. All the reviews we have read by parents of children with cancer report that the book captured the feelings and emotions realistically as it follows the ups and downs of treatment. Published in February, 1998. "The book really captures life at the clinic and provides a glimpse of reality as we know it. There are pictures in there that only cancer families would understand (and medical professionals)--betadyne prep for port access in one picture and in another picture, a mother is holding her son's sneakers while waiting for his weight to be measured. . . . . Some of you may even know some of the children whose lives were photographed (at Johns Hopkins).

- Sunshine
Request the book from your library. It's based on a true story (tapes that a young mom with bone cancer leaves as her legacy to her toddler daughter). She was diagnosed in the early 70s at age around 19, I think. Refused amputation (didn't want her baby to know her as a 'cripple'). Took radiation and chemo until she could no longer tolerate the nausea and weakness. She eventually died from the lung mets (as her doc predicted) a few years later. Despite the tragic outcome and her pitiful struggle (she lives with her boyfriend, who eventually leaves her for a while, then comes back), she writes with gentleness, beautiful prose and poetry. At the end she is full of wisdom and grace but fear of leaving her daughter and yearning for all the love she missed out on from her own mother. A must read..... 5 stars.

- Amanda's Gift
This book compliments Nancy K.'s book - going into wonderful discussions on how having a child with a life threatening illness can effect Everyone. I can't tell you how much I got out of this book...I'm buying a copy for everyone in my family.

- Kids With Courage
Thoughts and Stories About Growing Up With Cancer". I was lucky enough to have a copy of this book sent to me by a friend. It is a fascinating and beautifully written book, with stories written by all ages of kids in all stages and types of treatment and by their parents. The stories celebrate an appreciation of life.

- I Will Sing Life, Voices from the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp
A very beautiful photographed book with individual stories of several children who attended the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp." The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp is a camp founded by Paul Newman for children with serious illnesses.

- Mom's Marijuana: Life, Love, and Beating the Odds
He developed Hodgkin's disease when he was 20, back in 1987. His mom, a strict anti-drug lady, ended up turning over her backyard garden to marijuana in order to help her son control the nausea from the chemotherapy (this is before Zofran). The book is full of love and hilarious stories.

Biographical/Other Families' Stories

- Educating the Child With Cancer
A Guide for Parents and Teachers, edited by Nancy Keene. 2003. A fantastic and complete resource, written by top researchers in the childhood cancer education field; parent's personal experiences are also included. Available free through Candlelighters US.

- Negotiating the Special Education Maze: A Guide for Parents and Teachers
Excellent, well-organized text clearly explains the step-by-step process necessary to obtain help for your child. Has up-to-date resource list and a comprehensive bibliography. Step-by-step guide to obtaining help for your child. If you only read one book on this subject, this should be the one.

- Back to School: A Handbook for Educators of Children with Life-threatening Diseases in the Yeshiva/Day School System
Covers diagnosis, planning for school reentry, infection control in schools, needs of junior and senior high school students, children with special educational needs, and saying good-bye when a child dies. Includes a bibliography and resource list.

- A Teacher's Guide for Kids with Cancer
Susan Nessim and Ernest R. Katz, Ph.D. (Director of Behavorial Sciences and Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at Children's Hospital Los Angeles) created this manual for educators and families to help children with cancer re-enter school. This guide explains in layman's terms, childhood cancers, stages of the disease, the social and academic challenges kids face and strategies for successful school reintegration.

- All Kinds of Minds
Highly readable book about different learning styles. Written for grade-school-aged children, but parents benefit from reading it, too.

- The Trish Greene Back-to-School Program for Children with Cancer
Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. This program was designed to increase communication among healthcare professionals, parents, patients and school officials to assure a smooth transition from active treatment back to school and daily life. Materials, videos, and other printed inventory are available at all local LLS chapters.

- Keeping a Head in School: A Student’s Book About Learning Abilities and Learning Disorders
Book about different learning styles for junior high and high school students.

- The Misunderstood Child: Understanding and Coping with Your Child’s Learning Disabilities
Comprehensive discussion of positive treatment strategies that can be implemented at home and in the school to help children with learning disabilities. Excellent chapters on psychological, social, and emotional development, evaluation, and treatment.

- Suggestions for Teachers and School Counselors

- Children with Limb Loss: A Handbook for Teachers

- Grief Comes to Class: A Teacher's Guide
Comprehensive guide to grief in the classroom.

- Peterson's Guides to Colleges with Programs for Learning Disabled Students or Attention Deficit Disorders
Excellent reference, available at most large libraries.

- The Jester and Pharley Phund
The organization offers activity books for children with life-threatening illnesses, activities designed to bring laughter back into their lives. They offer educational materials for educators, librarians, therapists, psychologists and their colleagues that give children tools to improve their lives through language and reading skills and to inspire them to want to read and write; to provide enriching reading materials that increase the desire to read, to understand, to create.

Advice to Doctors and Other:

- Advice to Doctors and Other Big People from Kids
Though aimed at pediatric healthcare practitioners, this wonderful, often touching book has much wider appeal: parents, teachers, and kids themselves will profit from it. The authors and illustrators of the book are twenty-five children, all patients at the Center for Attitudinal Healing in Tiburon, California, who were hospitalized for catastrophic illness.

Hospice, Bereavement:

- Final Gifts: Understanding the Special Awareness, Needs, and Communications of the Dying
Written by two hospice nurses with decades of experience, this book helps families understand and communicate with terminally ill patients. Compassionate, comforting, and insightful, Final Gifts movingly teaches us how to listen to and comfort the dying. Highly recommended.

- Cancer Pain Relief and Palliative Care in Children

- Home Care for the Seriously Ill Child: A Manual for Parents
Helps parents explore the possibility of home care for the dying child. Contains practical information on what to expect, methods for pain relief, and control of medical problems. Appendices on medications, bibliographies, and dos and don’ts for helping bereaved parents.

- Bereavement: A Magazine of Hope and Healing
Founded in 1987 by a bereaved mother to provide support for those grieving, this magazine allows direct feedback from the bereaved to helping professionals and helps the nonbereaved learn what helps and what hurts. For a free copy or to subscribe, call: Bereavement Publishing, Inc., (888) 604-4673 (HOPE).

- When the Bough Breaks: Forever After the Death of a Son or Daughter
A serious and sensitive look at how to cope with the loss of a child.

- On Children and Death
In this comforting book, Dr. Kubler-Ross offers practical help for living through the terminal period of a child’s life with love and understanding. Discusses children’s knowledge about death, visualization, letting go, funerals, help from friends, and spirituality.

- Closer to the Light: Learning from Near Death Experiences of Children
Dr. Morse, a pediatrician and researcher into children’s near-death experiences, writes about the startlingly similar spiritual experiences of children who almost die.

- Parental Loss of a Child
Thirty-seven articles cover death from serious illness; guilt; grief of fathers, mothers, siblings, single parents; professional help; advice to physicians, clergy, funeral directors; support organizations.

- I Remember You: A Grief Journal
A journal for recording written and photographic memories during the first year of mourning. Beautiful book filled with quotes and comfort.

- Children Mourning, Mourning Children
A collection of chapters (first presented at the Hospice Foundation of America conference) written by many healthcare professionals who work with grieving children. Topics include children's understanding of death, answering grieving children’s questions, the role of the schools, and many others.

- Talking About Death: A Dialogue Between Parent and Child
One of the best books for helping children cope with grief. Contains a children’s read-along section to explain and explore children’s feelings. In very comforting language, book teaches parents how to explain death, understand children’s emotions, understand how children react to specific types of death, and know when to seek professional help. Also contains a resource section.

- How Do We Tell the Children?
A Step-by-Step Guide for Helping Children Two to Teen Cope When Someone Dies, 3rd ed., Schaefer, Dan, and Christine Lyons. New York: Newmarket Press, 2002. If your terminally ill child has siblings, read this book. In straightforward, uncomplicated language, the authors describe how to explain the facts of death to children and teens and show how to include the children in the family support network, laying the foundation for the healing process to begin. Also includes a crisis section, for quick reference on what to do in a variety of situations.

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