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Colon Cancer Book
- What To Do If You Get Colon Cancer : A Specialist Helps You Take Charge and Make Informed Choices (1997)
From initial diagnosis to the latest treatments, this encouraging, authoritative guide explores everything you need to know to make informed choices about colon cancer care. You'll learn how colon cancer develops, what to expect from diagnostic tests, and how to choose the best doctors and treatment centers.

- Gut- Check: Your Prime Source for Bowel Health and Colon Cancer...
This book Answers the questions you're afraid to ask!

- 21st Century Complete Medical Guide to Colon Cancer (Colorectal, Rectal and Anal Cancer) - Authoritative Government Documents and Clinical References for Patients and Physicians with Practical Information on Diagnosis and Treatment Options (2002)
This up-to-date and comprehensive CD-ROM provides a superb collection of official Federal government documents on colon and rectal cancer: signs and symptoms, diagnosis, lab tests, treatment and management options, and ongoing clinical research. Every aspect of the disease is thoroughly covered. There is no other reference that is as fast, convenient, and portable - everything you need to know, from the federal sources you trust.

- Colon & Rectal Cancer: A Comprehensive Guide for Patients & Families (2000)
Within a week of my diagnosis of colon cancer, I had this book, along with "What to Do If You Get Colon Cancer" by Paul Miskovitz and Marian Betancourt, in hand. Together they provided critical information on the illness, on finding a surgeon and what questions to ask about treatment. Without these guides, I would be muddling through instead of being able to take charge of my illness. They are invaluable!

- Colon and Rectal Cancer: A Patient's Guide to Treatment (2001)
This book covers topics such as symptoms and risk factors of colon and rectal cancer; medical tests for getting a diagnosis; the importance of staging the cancer; benefits and risks of various treatments; surgery, radiation, chemotherapy-how they work; and how colon cancer can be prevented.

- 100 Questions and Answers About Colorectal Cancer
This book provides practical answers to questions regarding colon cancer, treatment options, post-treatment quality of life, and resources for support.

- Atlas of Virtual Colonoscopy
This procedure allows the physician to look inside the body without having to insert a long tube into the colon, as in conventinal colonoscopy.

- Colorectal Cancer: Multimodality Management

- Hepatic Metastases: Diagnosis and Management

- Colorectal Cancer: New Aspects of Molecular Biology and Their...

- Understanding Colon Cancer (2002)
Stanford Univ. School of Medicine, CA. Pocket sized text gives concise information and explanation about the disease. Reviews high risk conditions, genetics, warning signs, screening and diagnosis, stages of the disease, 'virtual colonoscopy' and treatment. Soft. Hard. also avail DNLM: Colonic Neoplasms--prevention & control.

- The Official Patient's Sourcebook on Colon Cancer: A Revised and Updated Directory for the Internet Age (2002)
This book has been created for patients who have decided to make education and research an integral part of the treatment process. Although it also gives information useful to doctors, caregivers and other health professionals, it tells patients where and how to look for information covering virtually all topics related to colon cancer (also Adenocarcinoma of the Colon; Bowel cancer; Cancer colon; Cancer intestine; Cancer of the Colon; Cancer of the Large Intestine), from the essentials to the most advanced areas of research.

- Colorectal Cancer (2000)
Univ. of Edinburgh, UK. Presents state-of-the-art clinical knowledge of every aspect of this illness. Describes the epidemiology and pathology of colorectal cancer, including genetics and methods for screening and staging. Discusses elective and emergency surgery, treatment, and non-surgical methods. Color illustrations and extensive references are included.

- The American Cancer Society : Colorectal Cancer (1999)
Written authoritatively, yet compassionately, this book offers an in-depth look at colon and rectal cancer that provides information on new blood tests, diets, radiation, and new technology.

- The Colon Cancer Survivors' Guide (2004)

- What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Colorectal Cancer: New Tests, New Treatments, New Hope (2004)
This invaluable book contains important information on beating colorectal cancer, including the six biggest lifestyle threats, the three nutritional supplements anyone at risk should take, the optimal timeframe for screenings, the pros and cons of new detection tests, and how to effectively treat cancerous and pre-cancerous polyps with both traditional and alternative methods.

- Tell Me What to Eat to Help Prevent Colon Cancer (2001)
Elaine Magee gives you all the information you can never seem to understand when the doctor rattles it off, and she answers all the questions you ever wanted to ask a dietitian about preventing colon cancer. You will find a host of specific recommendations-what to eat, what to avoid, and how to incorporate these changes into your lifestyle.

- Management of Colorectal Cancer (1998)
This well-referenced and up-to-date book addresses controversial issues in management, such as factors that determine optimal surgical resection; the indications, timing, and methods of radiation therapy; and many issues pertaining to adjuvant chemotherapy. It appropriately emphasizes recent advances, including novel cytotoxic drugs, and points to new molecular targets for therapy, such as matrix metalloproteinase, farnesyltransferase, and tumor angiogenesis.

- Colon Cancer Cells (Cell Biology: A Series of Monographs) (1990)
Colon cancer initiation, its progression and identification are reviewed in t comprehensive treatise which provides insight into potential new approaches its prevention, therapy, and diagnosis. An important premise of this compend is that it addresses a common deficiency in the historical approach.

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