gynecologic cancer centers, doctors resource
gynecologic cancer centers, doctors resource
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-General Guide
-Cancer Centers

-Oncologist Directory
-Practical Tips
-Ask Doctor Question

Find Gynecologic Cancer Centers, Doctors

Gynecological Cancer Doctors, Centers Guide

- Links to find woman cancer doctor, treatment center (
- Tips to find gynecologist (dr
- Build your team of cancer treatment, support (womens cancer
- How to search for cancer doctors, hospitals (
- How to find cancer specialists, hospitals (
- Types of oncologists, how to find good one (
- Doctors, hospitals, nursing homes… rating, report, free (health
- Communicate with medical care team, Tips from physicians on how to communicate with your cancer care team and make informed decisions about your care (onco
- Types of oncologist (patient
- What is oncologist, their education, training (oncology
- Oncology team to manage your cancer treatment (oncology
- How to select good cancer doctors guide (
- How to select good cancer hospital guide (
- health care team information (

- importance of 2nd opinion (

Treatment Center Directory

Find treatment center, NCI Cancer centers program, listing, contact info (
- hospital directory, by state, city (e cure
- us, global hospital lists (           

Doctor Directory

Find Gynecologic Oncologist, related, 1-800-444-4441 for local doctor help (

- Search person, records, … (
- Links to find women doctor, specialist resource (
- Doctor directory: large resource, many specialties (
- Find family doctor, by state (family
- How to find cancer doctor/oncologist, associations (cancer

- Find doctor by location, type, HMO (doc finder
- Physician finder: gateway to more than 90,000 physicians, many communicating with patients online. Look for your physician's Web site or search for a new one (med
- Search cancer doctor directory, many links (
- The American College of Surgeons (ACOS) maintains an online database of member surgeons. This can be searched by doctor's name, geographic location, or medical specialty. or phone: 312-202-5000 (
- The American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) publishes a list of board-certified physicians. The Official ABMS Directory of Board Certified Medical Specialists lists doctors' names in addition to their specialties and educational backgrounds. This resource is available in most public libraries, by telephone at 1-866-275-2267 or online (
- Find specialists, elite hospital physicians, by name, hospital, cancer, specialty, 888-909-NCCN, or referral department (
- Physician/nurse search, license info, (e cure
- physician directory, by specialty, state, city, name, (e cure

- dentisty directory, (e cure           

Practical Tips, Guide

Tips for cancer doctor visits (people living with
- Tips for making an doctor appointment (people living with
- For doctor's second opinion (cancer supportive 

Ask General, Gynecological Doctor Question

Questions you should ask your doctor about female cancer (
- Ask a gynecologic doctor about cancer (onco
- Ask doctor resources, many specialties (
- Ask doctor question, free (md
- Ask expert, free (onco
- All types doctors, also insurance, smocking (i village
- Ask cancer oncologist (vermont
- Ask general medical question, (
- Ask doctor or non-professional a question, free (all
- Ask specialists in radiation safety (

- Questions for your oncologists if diagnosed skin cancer (
- Questions for your doctor if diagnosed skin cancer (uci

Find, Ask Doctor, Fee Based

- find cancer doctor (best
- Ask oncologists questions, Can Help (360) 437-2291
- Planetree Health Resource Center (415) 923-3681
- Schine On-Line Services (800) FIND-CURE
- The Health Resource, Inc. (501) 329-5272

- $25, ask board-certified physicians (oncology
- 3 questions for $30, ask board-certified physicians (e cure
- Commercial ask expert question (mt           


us, global hospital lists (
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