head and neck cancer complementary therapy
head and neck cancer complementary therapy
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Head and Neck Cancer Complementary Therapy Resource:

General Head and Neck Cancer Information

Anti-oxidant for upper gi cancer (soe.nl)
- Patient’s collection, head and neck cancer complementary therapy links, (hn cancer.com)

- Information, guide (alternative medicine foundation)
- Therapy review, article (health web.org)
- Cancer complementary therapy information, guide (national cancer institute)
- Cancer complementary therapy information, guide (people living with cancer.org)
- How to approach cancer complementary therapies (american cancer society )
- Controlling cancer growth with nutrients, phytochemicals, herbal extracts, and available drugs, abstract
- Tips for Women seeking alternative cancer treatment
- How to find reliable cancer complementary therapy information, clinics, links to therapy reviews, news, by a survivor
- Cancer Alternative Care: Does It Work?
- Questions to consider when choose alternative cancer medicine (rosenthal.hs.columbia.edu)

- What you should know about complementary cancer therapies, top expert interview
- Mayo clinic: cancer complementary therapy
- Chat transcript, up-to-date about alternative cancer therapy

- Clinical trial, law, policy … (national health institute)

How to Choose Doctor

Tips to find good alternative cancer treatment practitioner (ucsd.edu)
- Questions when choose team, expert

- Find expert (alternative medicine.com)
- Find specialist for complementary cancer medicine, listing (healthy.net)
- Find complementary therapy doctor in Hawaii    

Suggested Treatments for Conditions

Conditions and treatment suggestion (ivillage health.com)
- Herbs and Supplements by Uses (health and age.com)
- Suggested complementary therapies by cancer type (e cure me.com)
- Therapy Recommendation by Condition (kapiolani.org)   

Different Systems

Chinese medicine for skin cancer (med em.com)

- Complementary Treatment Options by name (health and age.com)
- Introducation to Traditional Chinese Medicine
- Good summary of Chinese Medicine
- Complementary cancer treatment systems (cancer supportive care.com)
- Tibetan Medicine
- Gerson Therapy: 52 incurable cases cured
- Excellent article about Coley toxins, links    

Herb, Supplements, Food, Vitamins, Mineral

Natural Product Reviews (facts and comparisons.com)
- Herb database, evidence of efficacy, preparation, formulas…
- Vitamins & Dietary Supplement Information Center
- about herbs, botanical… (memorial sloan-kettering)
- Herb Medicine Center (healthy.net)
- Interactions by Herb or Supplement

- Supplyment, minerals and their food source
- Food, supplyment, commonly used
- Find the elements, uses, instructions... of herbs, supplements
- find Herb and Supplements, Drug Interaction

- Food and cancer prevention
- Food and nutrition information center (usda.gov)
- Spice and medicine use

- Vitamins, mineral info, dosage
- Vitamin, supplement, natural medicine, info, dosage, storage, side effects...

- What’s in my food, search database    

Side Effect

Cancer alternative treatment side effect (onco link.com)

Stores of Quality

Alternative medicine store (yahoo.com)
- Alternative medicine stores, large listing of herb, vitamins, mineral, supplements... (alternative medicine.com)
- Book database, by therapy types (healthy shopping.com)   

News, Update

Complementary therapy news, by National Institute of Health
- Alternative cancer medicine conference summary, 2000
- News from md anderson.org
- Selected alternative treatment news, not cancer specific
- Annual conference (cancer control society.org)
- Cancer alternative medicine newsletter (healthy.net)
- Alternative treatment events (healthy.net)   

Success Story

Alternative therapies gain new respect in cancer treatment (a doctor treating his own colon cancer) (cnn.com)

- Alternative cancer treatment success story collection
- Cancer alternative treatment success story    

Bulletin Board

General alternative treatment bulletin board (google.com)
- General alternative medicine bulletin board (health castle.com)
- General alternative treatment bulletin board (health boards.com)

Head and Neck Cancer Therapy Resource

Alternative cancer treatments (md anderson.org)
- Extensive Information, National Library of Medicine
- Cancer complementary treatments (dfci.harvard.edu)
- America Cancer Society
- Stanford University
- Duke University
- Alternative cancer therapy summary, information (National Cancer Institute)
- Cancer complementary treatments (Oregon Medical Press)
- University of Michigan
- Cancer complementary therapy information (cancer consultants.com)
- Cancer prevention and diet (delicious living mag.com)
- Extensive Information: herb, mineral..., by a Canadian University
- Information Resource (health web.org)
- Personal Reviews of Various complementary cancer treatment choices
- Complementary cancer therapy articles, news, org, journals, herb referrence, source, boards…
- life with cancer.org
- health and age.com
- - Macro diet information (cyber macro.com)   


What’s in my food, search database

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