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Childhood Cancer Information:

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    Learn about Cancer, Kid, Teen Way!   -   cancer source
    What to Do if You or Some One Has Cancer   -   kids
    Ask Adult about Stuff/ Cancer   -   patch
Talk to Peers with Cancer:
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    Kid, Teen with Illness/ Cancer Chat Room   -   patch
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    Children, Teens Fun Stuff, Stories...   -   hugs and menu on left
    Make a Wish, and Come True! Many Links   -
    Create Personalized Songs for Kids, Teens with Cancer, Free   -   AOL
    Fun Day Camp with Kids, Teens with Cancer; Many Resources   -;;
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Childhood Cancer Coping Guide:
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    Dealing with Others; Diet; Exercise; for Teen   -   teens living with
    Tips for Staying in Hospital Easier; for Young Person   -   planet
    Photos of Kids, Teens with Cancer   -   patient
More Resources:
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    Resources for Kid, Teen with Cancer to go for Information, Support   -   for Kids;
  for Teens
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- Chemo, Craziness & Comfort, My book about childhood cancer
by Nancy Keene and Trevor Romain is a 200 page resource that provides practical advice for children diagnosed with cancer between 6 and 12 years of age. Warm and funny illustrations and easy-to-read text help the child (and parents) make sense of cancer and it's treatment. (Candlelighters.)

- The Amazing Hannah, Look at Everything I Can Do!
by Amy Klett and Dave Klett is available in English and Spanish. This 28 page picture book is written for the preschool (1 to 5 years) child who has been diagnosed with cancer. Through real-life photos, children will be able to identify with Hannah's hospital stay, special friends, tests, treatment and germ care. (Candlelighters.)

- I'm Still Me! Coping With Leukemia
The Dr. Wellbook Collection, Tim Peters and Company, Inc.: 1997. A richly illustrated book about Herbie, a baby chicken who has leukemia. When he loses the feathers on his head all his barnyard friends put cracked egg shells on their heads to look like him. He is still Herbie, and his friends still like him. At the back of the book is a short and appropriate message for parents and educators as well as the symptoms of leukemia, a lead-in for discussions, and a speech written by a ten-year old survivor of leukemia. Appropriate for young children and their classmates.

- Chemo Girl
by Christina Richmond. The story Chemo Girl is about a super heroine named Chemo Girl who is hired by Dr. Molly Schwenn to miniaturize and battle the Queen Rhabdo. Chemo Girl along with her pet sidekick, Brouvi succeed in their fight. This book is great for children living with all types of childhood cancer, not just rhabdomyosarcoma. My daughter, Apryl, first learned of ChemoGirl's power at the age of 7 when she herself was diagnosed with leukemia. During procedures we talk about Chemo Girl and her ability to erradicate cancer cells. The book written by Christina Richmond, a feisty 12 year old who succumbed to rhabdomyosarcoma in 1996 will be a benefit to children everywhere undergoing probably the biggest battle of their lives. (reviewed by an online parent)

- The Jester Has Lost His Jingle
A story by a cancer patient about finding laughter.

- I want to grow hair, I want to grow up, I want to go to Boise

- Happy Birthday To You
While riding his bicycle, Sam meets and makes friends with Lily, a young girl undergoing treatment for cancer, and, learning that Lily's birthday is coming up soon, along with a treatment at the hospital, Sam comes up with a way to make Lily's birthday special.

- Solving Social Problems (My name is not dummy, I can't wait and I want to play are 3 of them) and Coping With Intense Feelings (I'm mad, I'm frustrated, I'm scared, I'm proud are all good ones):
two series of children's books by Elizabeth Crary. "Not about ill kids but very helpful - these are short books that let the children choose the ending, then come up with their own ideas. It really reinforces that they have choices in how they handle stress, and gives them ideas that are their 'own'. I'd recommend them for the 4-8 year old crowd." (reviewed by one of our parents)

- My Book for Kids With Cansur
A Child's Autobiography of Hope, by Jason Gaes. This book is highly recommended by parents. The story is written by cancer child and illustrated by his brothers. Jason's parents also wrote a book that is very informative: A Child's Autobiography of Hope by Jason Gaes, Melius & Peterson Publishing, South Dakota, 1987.

- My ABC Book of Cancer
The story--in ABC format in text and drawings--of a 10-year-old cancer patient. It has supplemental text about her and childhood cancer, glossary, bibliography and resources list.

- Little Tree
A Story for Children With Serious Medical Problems by Joyce C. Mill, Michael Chesworth. synopsis: "One night, during a terrible storm, Little Tree's branches are hurt. Her friend Amanda the squirrel calls upon the Tree Wizards of the Forest to help, and they explain that they will have to remove Little Tree's branches in order to save her life. With Amanda's help, Little Tree learns to accept her new, changed self. Chesworth's illustrations provide a magical backdrop to this moving story. Based on the story of a little girl the author met, who had to undergo multiple amputations."

- There Is a Rainbow Behind Every Dark Cloud
Eleven children share their experiences with terminal illness, especially the ways they helped each other cope with the prospect of their own death.

- An Exceptional View of Life
Written and illustrated by children with disabilities.

- Going to the Hospital

- When Someone Has a Very Serious Illness

- Kathy's Hats: A Story of Hope

- Chemo Crusader
by Melodie Homer. (Young children.)

Bereavement and Terminal Illness (Youth Reading)

(Young Child)

- The Fall of Freddy the Leaf: A Story of Life for All Ages
This wise yet simple story about a leaf named Freddy explains death as a necessary part of the cycle of life. This book is out of print, but may be available in your local library.

- Last Week My Brother Anthony Died
Touching story of a preschooler’s feelings when her infant brother dies. The family’s minister (a bereaved parent himself) comforts her by comparing feelings to clouds--always there but ever changing.

- Lifetimes: The Beautiful Way to Explain Death to Children
Beautiful paintings and simple text explain that dying is as much a part of life as being born.

- Thumpy's Story
A Story of Love and Grief Shared by Nancy Dodge

- I Had a Friend Named Peter Peter; Talking to Children about the Death of a Friend

- IMy Brother Matthew

(School-aged Children)

- What on Earth Do You Do When Someone Dies?
Warm, honest words and beautiful illustrations help children understand and cope with grief.

- The Empty Place: A Child’s Guide Through Grief
Explains and describes feelings after the death of a sibling, such as the empty place in the house, at the table, in a brother’s heart.

- Charlotte’s Web
Classic tale of friendship and death as a part of life. (The videotape is widely available to rent.)

- Hope in Heaven
Hope in Heaven Website (for ordering the book) "This story can help children with their fears. It enables parents to talk openly to their sick child about life and death. It can also be assuring for those who are left behind. Heaven is a real place. There is hope in heaven." (from the website)

- Hang Tough


- Teenagers Face to Face with Bereavement
The perspectives and experiences of seventeen teenagers comprise the heart of this book, which focuses on teens coping with grief.

- Straight Talk About Death for Teenagers: How to Cope with Losing Someone You Love
Wonderful book that talks to teens, not at them. Discusses denial, pain, anger, sadness, physical symptoms, and depression. Charts methods to help teens work through their feelings at their own pace.

- When a Friend Dies: A Book for Teens About Grieving & Healing

(Not Sure Which Age Group)

- Living When a Loved One Has Died

- Letters I Never Wrote, Conversations I Never Had

- Painting the Sunsets With the Angels

- The Everlasting Snowman

- Gentle Willow: A Story for Children about Dying

- On the Wings of a Butterfly

- Remember the Secret


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