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Support Resources

General Guide to Melanoma Support Group:

site rating
Basic Guide to Melanoma Support, Group, melanoma

Local Resources for Melanoma Support Group:

site rating
All Community Resources for Malignant Melanoma Support, Groups, Events, ... Skin
Excellent Database to Search for Local Melanoma Support Groups, Organizations: cancer;
All Community Resources for Melanoma Support, Group, Events...
Clearinghouses for Local Mutual Aid Support Groups, mental

Melanoma Survivor Story:

site rating
Melanoma Story, 3 accounts (stage 3, 4, ocular; surviving >6, >8, >20 years), Md
Melanoma Survivor Story; with Alternative Treatment (>17 years),
Melanoma Personal Story (stage 4, surviving >25 years), cancer
Beat Melanoma Story; also Audio (stage 4), 1 account,
Celebrity Melanoma Survivor Story: Sam Donaldson (stage 3), skin
Melanoma Story, Patient's Perspective,
Collection of Melanoma Personal Story, Experience, shared
Melanoma Personal Story, Account, >6 years; >2 years; 3 times survivor; young man; >2 years.
Personal Story, video, live (click more stories, find neil).
Melanoma Patient Assay; Poems.
Melanoma Patient Diary.
Melanoma Survivor Story, ocular melanoma; nodular, Clark's level III.
Cancer Pain Personal Stories,
Collection of Short Malignant Melanoma Stories,

Online Melanoma Chat Room:
Large Participation by Patient, Family, Survivors, Friend...; in Cancer Chat Room Yahoo.
Melanoma Chat Room (scheduled),
Cancer Chat AOL.
Melanoma Cancer Chat: Weekly in Small Group, or Expert Facilitated wellness-community.
Cancer Chat, Fewer People onco

Melanoma Message Board:

site rating
Many Groups; Melanoma Message Boards, Yahoo.
Numerous Melanoma Message Board,
Malignant Melanoma Message Board,
Dermatology/ Melanoma Bulletin Board, Doctor Facilitated, med
Melanoma Message Board, Less Active,
Melanoma Bulletin Board, e health
Less Active, Melanoma Message Board, cancer

Face to Face Melanoma Support Group:

site rating
List of Local Cancer/ Melanoma Support Group; by State (Some don't Have), Gildas

Melanoma Patient-Survivor Support Group:
Matches Newly Diagnosed with Successfully Treated Cancer Survivors of Same Type, bloch
Individual Cancer Support to Patient, Family by Trained Survivors; by Email or Phone, Med
Melanoma Patient-Patient Network, md
Online Peer Melanoma Support Group; for Patient, Significant Others Affected Similarly,
Individual Cancer Support to Patient, Family by Trained Survivors of Similar Experience cancer hope

Melanoma Support Hotline:
Cancer Support Hotline Answered by Cancer Social Worker, also Online Live Help; 800-4-CANCER, TTY: 8003328615 (9am-4:30pm local time) NCI.
Cancer Supports Hotline, Patient, Family to Call for Question, Any Time in US, 800-ACS-2345
Individual, Group Support about Emotional, Practical Matters, Answered by Cancer Social Worker cancer 800-813-HOPE, email.
Body Image/Self-Esteem Issues: Information, Support for look good feel 800-395-LOOK.

Mailing List for Melanoma Support Group:

site rating
Join Melanoma Support Group or View Survivors' Messages; >300 subscribers, St
Malignant Melanoma Patient, Survivor Discussion List; >130,
MD Anderson Cancer Support Group by e-mail, as a Member your Message will be Sent to All Members.
Melanoma Mailing List, cancer
Cancer Mailing List, (impossible to unsubscrib).

Radio Program for Cancer/ Melanoma Support:
Call-In Cancer Talk Show: Weekly Syndicated, Linking Callers with Other Patients, Long-Term Survivors, Experienced Physicians, and Therapists, Free, also Web Access, Worldwide, also in French vital

Melanoma Depression, Work-Place Coping, Support:

site rating
Melanoma Emotional, Practical Coping Tips, skin
Melanoma Stress Coping, Interview with a Noted Psychologist, cancer; techniques of relaxation.
Cancer/ Melanoma Patient Social Relationship: Family, Partner, Work-Place, Friends,
Cancer Appearance Tips; Look Good, Feel Better,

Melanoma Donation, Volunteer:

site rating
Melanoma Donation, Volunteer: Research, Education, Advocacy,
Melanoma Donation, Volunteer Help: Education, Prevention, Shade

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