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    Welcome! To help a mesothelioma patient quickly, easily maximize the chance for long term survival and good quality of life, we have uniquely organized a group of mesothelioma doctors, researchers, survivors and caregivers to develop this information guide. Fight smart!

    If you are familiar with mesothelioma issues, just find your topic menu to the left and below to continue.

    If you are unfamiliar or newly diagnosed, like most people you must be under stress, hard to think well. Here is what we would do to find the best mesothelioma treatment. First, from our guide find the best mesothelioma doctor in the US or near you. If your doctor tells you will be largely cured, then your quest for treatment has succeeded.

    If you have treatment but that alone is not a complete cure, or the stage is too advanced for standard treatment, then a mesothelioma clinical trial may offer best hope for cure.

    A good mesothelioma support group could be of critical importance for your quality of life. They can provide emotional, spiritual support, and reduce your fear, anxiety.

    To further maximize your chance to beat mesothelioma, go to mesothelioma survivor tips, and follow the news for better mesothelioma treatment.

Section Introduction:

Mesothelioma Information, Treatment:
    Understanding mesothelioma is basic for pro-active care and the best treatment. Guide to easy learning with different levels of mesothelioma information, visual/audio tutorial; to find the best standard mesothelioma treatment available; to find more questions-answers or related information in the resource.

What to Do:
    To do list when you are diagnosed with mesothelioma, prepared by experienced cancer experts and survivors.

Find Best Doctor, Hospital:
    Finding the best doctor(s) can be crucial for successful mesothelioma treatment. Section covers to find the best mesothelioma doctor in the US by checking the US Cancer Hospital Ranking; to find one near you by searching for an NCI designated cancer center (elite cancer hospital) on the map near you; to ask a doctor online to make sure; how to check on a doctor, hospital; how to ask different questions for different visits to your mesothelioma doctor.

Mesothelioma Side Effect Coping, Treatment:
    Mesothelioma treatment side effect coping tips, information; home remedy; ask experts

Mesothelioma Clinical Trial:
    Clinical trials may increase your chance for cure, or if mesothelioma advanced they hold the best hope for treatment. However it is a real challenge to locate your best trial. Some of the doctors may provide help. There are also fee-based agency to help you search, but their service quality may vary.

Mesothelioma Financial, Insurance, Legal Assistance, Support:
    Mesothelioma financial, insurance, legal information, assistance; medication, drug, travel, transportation, lodging help; self-search, or help find.

Mesothelioma Alternative Treatment:
    One should be open minded to alternative treatment. Guide to how to find reliable mesothelioma alternative treatment; recommended treatment; find your local alternative treatment doctors; ask expert questions.

Mesothelioma Support:
    Mesothelioma support information; local resources; collection of chat rooms, message board, mailing lists; mesothelioma survivor story; where to find face-to-face support, phone peer support; cancer hotline to talk to a trained personnel.

Mesothelioma Survivor Tips:
    How to manage day to day life, care; how to beat mesothelioma tips from advanced stage survivor; good diet and nutrition, how to exercise.

Caregiver, Family:
    Guide to cancer caregiver information, support; message board for cancer caregivers.

News, Newsletter:
    Mesothelioma news summary, research publication, breaking news from various conferences; newsletters from numerous top organizations.

    Know and advocate for your patient rights, quality treatment.

Mesothelioma Book, Publication:
    Popular mesothelioma book collection; also, general cancer issues, how to cope with cancer, mind/body support book, alternative treatment, nutrition, caregiver, end of life/ grief issues book.

Cancer Hospice, Home Care Guide:
    Information about cancer hospice, home care; practical tips.

Disclaimer: All information provided in this website is for educational purpose. They are not intended to substitute for your physician's advice.
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