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Mouth Cancer Book
- Oral Cancer (Book with CD-ROM)
C. Decker. Univ. of California, San Francisco. Book covers oral cancer management, including occurrence, etiology, premalignant factors and prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and survival. Includes a CD-ROM. Previous edition: c1990. Abundant halftone and full color illustrations. Softcover. 14 U.S. contributors.

- What you need to know about, oral cancer (SuDoc HE 20.3152:OR 1/996)

- The Unwelcome Intruder: Freud's Struggle with Cancer
A detailed chronicle of the last 16 years of Freud's life during which he waged an heroic struggle against oral cancer.

- Oral Cancer: A Synopsis of Pathology and Management
(Wright) Univ.of Melbourne, Australia. Book presenting oral cancer diagnosis and management in a succinct, accessible format suitable for all general dental and medical practitioners, and residents. Chapters cover: biology, evaluation, principles of cancer surgery, ablative surgery of the mouth and jaws, neck dissections, and reconstructive surgery. Illustrated. Softcover.

- Oral Complications of Cancer Chemotherapy: Developments in Oncology
Includes both professional guidance information and the moving personal stories of brain tumor patients, their family members, and their professional caregivers. This revised and expanded 2nd edition contains new stories of hope and healing, along with an updated resource directory.

- Cancer: Oral and Cutaneous Signs of Malignancy

- Cancers of the Mouth and Throat: A Patient's Guide to Treatment
A reader from New York, New York
My grandfather was diagnosed with larynx cancer. We had no idea about cancer and the treatments available. This book was great in explaining the options in plain language that we all could understand. We thank God for this book and the authors. Without it our experience would have been much more difficult.

- Colour Atlas of Oral Cancers: The Diagnosis and Classification of Leukoplakias, Precancerous Conditions and Carcinomas
Text: English, German (translation)

- Oral cancer-- confronting the enemy (SuDoc HE 20.3417:OR 1/2)

- Histological Typing of Cancer and Precancer of the Oral Mucosa (International Histological Classification of Tumours)
This book differs from others in the Histological Typing series by including more clinical aspects and by concentrating on cancer and precancer of the oral mucosa rather than attempting to cover all benign and malignant tumors of the oral and oropharyngeal tissue. One main aim is to inform general pathologists of the significance of the clinical features of the various lesions discussed as, on the whole, they may be unfamiliar with this territory. Attention is also drawn to those conditions particular to the oral mucosa that may give rise to appearances which are important in differential diagnoses but can be misleading to the pathologist who does not have detailed knowledge of the tissue involved. The TNM-classification for malignant tumors of the lip and oral cavity is also included.

- Reconstruction of the Oral Cavity (Sipac, a Self-Instructional Package)

- Surgical Management of Tumors of the Oropharynx (Sipac)

- Spitting into the wind : the facts about dip and chew (SuDoc HE 20.3402:D 62)

- Spit tobacco: a guide for quitting (SuDoc HE 20:3408:SP 4)

- Head and Neck Cancer: Emerging Perspectives
This book details experimental and basic research, from premalignancy to fully invasive tumors, and has wide application to human carcinomas. No other group of human cancers is better positioned for application of recently developed novel and targeted therapies, and this book presents the unusual opportunities tumors of the head and neck provide for clinical, translational, and basic science research. New and experimental treatments are presented along with post-strategies and an evaluation of emerging technologies. A sampling of topics include head and neck imaging, adhesion receptors in oral cancer invasion, thyroid cancers, molecular epidemiology, and novel agents and treatment modalities for squamous carcinomas. Contributors are overwhelmingly from US academies.Copyright 2004 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR


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