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Multiple Myeloma Book
- What you need to know about multiple myeloma (SuDoc HE 20.3152:M 99/991)

- 21st Century Complete Medical Guide to Multiple Myeloma and other Plasma Cell Neoplasms - Authoritative Government Documents and Clinical References for Patients and Physicians with Practical Information on Diagnosis and Treatment Options
This up-to-date and comprehensive CD-ROM provides a superb collection of official Federal government documents on multiple myeloma and other plasma cell neoplasms: signs and symptoms, diagnosis, lab tests, treatment and management options, and ongoing clinical research. Every aspect of the disease is thoroughly covered. There is no other reference that is as fast, convenient, and portable - everything you need to know, from the federal sources you trust.

- Multiple Myeloma - A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, and Annotated Research Guide to Internet Refe
This is a 3-in-1 reference book. It gives a complete medical dictionary covering hundreds of terms and expressions relating to multiple myeloma. It also gives extensive lists of bibliographic citations. Finally, it provides information to users on how to update their knowledge using various Internet resources. The book is designed for physicians, medical students preparing for Board examinations, medical researchers, and patients who want to become familiar with research dedicated to multiple myeloma.
If your time is valuable, this book is for you. First, you will not waste time searching the Internet while missing a lot of relevant information. Second, the book also saves you time indexing and defining entries. Finally, you will not waste time and money printing hundreds of web pages.

- Understanding Myeloma
Written for people who have been diagnosed with myeloma (also known as multiple myeloma or myelomatosis), this booklet discusses the causes and symptoms, the tests used for diagnosis, treatments - chemotherapy, steroid therapy and radiotherapy - relief of symptoms, and rehabilitation and recovery. The last section explores the emotions people often feel when they have cancer, and suggests some ways in which people can help themselves. There is also a list of useful addresses and phone numbers of organizations to contact for further help.

- Living Proof : A Medical Mutiny
The book's author, Gearin-Tosh, a tutor at St. Catherine's College, Oxford, was diagnosed with myeloma (cancer of the bone marrow) and told that if he did not begin chemotherapy immediately, he would be dead in less than a year. The recommended treatment, while probably extending his life somewhat, would not cure the condition. A second specialist confirmed the original prognosis, but the author rejected the proposed treatment after a former Oxford pupil consulted a cancer statistician who warned, "If your friend touches chemotherapy, he's a goner." Interwoven with engaging anecdotes from his professional life, Gearin-Tosh details his research into the world of alternative medicine, a journey that led him to Chinese breathing exercises and acupuncture. The treatment that he credits with saving his life he found in A Cancer Therapy, by Max Gerson, a doctor who died in 1958. Based on the daily drinking of freshly made juices and taking several coffee enemas a day, the Gerson Diet also includes a variety of supplements. Despite the time-consuming nature of this restrictive regime, eight years later Gearin-Tosh is alive and pursuing an active professional life. He is careful to point out that while this program is working for him, "each person should explore his own way with their physician." Gearin-Tosh's detailed, engaging memoir of a search for his own cure will inspire readers to take the time to consider their own treatments.

- Going for the Cure
Early in 1986, Thompson, a New York City orthopedic surgeon, discovered that she had multiple myeloma, a fatal bone-marrow cancer--and resolved to fight it. Although no one stricken with myeloma had ever been cured, the determined author--after achieving remission by an initial regimen of chemotherapy--entered a six-month experimental program to seek a cure. An excruciating physical and mental ordeal, her treatment required massive doses of chemotherapy, radiation and antibiotics designed to eliminate all of her diseased bone marrow except for a small quantity that was treated with antibodies outside her body and later transplanted back to regenerate the marrow supply. Writing in the form of a present-tense, first-person journal, in her dual role as patient and professional Thompson conveys an intense personal involvement combined with a scientific detachment and attention to technical detail. A year after her marrow transplant, she was pronounced cured.

- Dancing with cancer : a healing through visualization
Robert Elliott was diagnosed in 1980 as having a deadly blood cancer, multiple myeloma. By any statistical standards, his ensuing life should have been a short one. Yet for seventeen years, through a combination of traditional and non-traditional methods, he remained healthy and symptom-free. "DANCING WITH CANCER," while not a "how-to" book in the usual way, has proved inspiring to patients with cancer and other serious illnesses who have wanted to participate actively in their own healing. It has also been praised by therapists and other health-care providers, and by inquirers into the mysteries of mind-body medicine. Harville Hendrix, author of "Getting the Love You Want," calls it "an exciting narrative of spiritual discovery and healing. Fascinating!" Carol Kershaw, Co-Director of the Milton Erickson Institute of Houston, says it's "an honest, passionate, hopeful, brave and poetic narrative about 'dancing on the edge' of life and death."

- Multiple Myeloma
This book provides a concise overview of the state-of-the-art in multiple myeloma and should be of primary interest to clinicians as well as scientists and related caregivers alike in this rapidly changing field.

- Myeloma
Northwestern Univ., Chicago, IL. Comprehensive text on myeloma and related diseases. Covers all aspects and examines the molecular and biological background, clinical aspects and investigations, and developments in therapy. For hematologists, oncologists, and researchers.

- Biology of Multiple Myeloma

- Hematologic Malignancies: Multiple Myeloma and Related Plasma Cell Disorders
This handbook provides up-to-date comprehensive treatment of all plasma cell disorders from the common to the rare. All disease aspects from pathogenesis to most recent therapy are covered. From Mayo Clinic, the institution with the world's largest experience in plasma cell disorders.

- Biology and Management of Multiple Myeloma

- Multiple Myeloma
Multiple Myeloma provides a comprehensive and authoritative account of the condition emphasizing current diagnosis and management. The book examines the impact that new sophisticated techniques (such as immunophenotyping, cell sorting, cytogenetics, growth-factor analysis, and molecular biology) have had on our understanding of the disease. New treatment methods have not been introduced without difficutlies, and the risk factors of intensive antibacterial and antiviral therapies and transplantation are fully discussed. The contributors are all recognized experts in the field with "hands on" experience, making this invaluable reading for oncologists and hematologists.

- Myeloma: Biology and Management (Oxford Medical Publications)
St. Bartholomew's Hospital, London, UK. Handbook for clinical and research oncologists. Covers pathophysiology, clinical features, therapies, and disorders associated with paraproteinemia. Illustrated. Extensive references. 40 contributors, 16 U.S. DNLM: Multiple Myeloma--diagnosis.

- Cytokines in Human Multiple Myeloma (Medical Intelligence Unit)

- Hematopoietic stem-cell transplantation in multiple myeloma (SuDoc HE 20.6522:12)

- Autologous Bone Marrow Transplantation for Hodgkin's Disease, Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and Multiple Myeloma

- Epidemiology and Biology of Multiple Myeloma
Papers presented at a workshop (on title) sponsored by the National Cancer Institute and held at the National Institutes of Health, March 1990, discuss the descriptive and analytic epidemiology, differences in risk factors between blacks and whites, monoclonal gammopathies and their progression, and hypotheses regarding the etiology and pathogenesis of multiple myeloma. No index. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

- Autologous Bone Marrow Transplantation for Hodgkin's Disease, Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and Multiple Myeloma

- Neoplastic Diseases of the Blood
In this fourth edition of the classic work on malignant blood cancers, the team of editors and over 100 international leaders in the field provide a comprehensive text on the diagnosis and treatment of all hematologic malignancies, both common and rare. This extensively revised and updated edition reflects the tremendous progress in the science and treatment of hematologic malignancies during the eight years since the third edition. Revisions and new chapters include coverage of stem cell transplantation, molecular genetics, monoclonal antibodies, and new treatment modalities.

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