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Prostate Cancer Book
- The Prostate Cancer Source Book: How to Make Informed Treatment Choices
This patient-friendly book helps those diagnosed with prostate cancer understand exactly what their particular diagnosis means, so that they can make informed choices.

- Man to Man: Surviving Prostate Cancer
The book alternates Korda's personal experiences with information and advice, as well as stories about his encounters with doctors, other patients, and the growing network of recovery groups.

- New Guidelines for Surviving Prostate Cancer

- Prostate Cancer: What Every Man and His Family Needs to Know
A patient's advocacy book, it offers medical, practical, psychological, social, and emotional support to men with prostate cancer and their families.

- The Prostate: A Guide for Men and the Women Who Love Them
A resource book for men diagnosed with prostate cancer - and for the wives, sisters, and daughters who often take responsibility for educating men about health matters and encouraging them to see a physician.

- Dr. Patrick Walsh's Guide to Surviving Prostate Cancer (2001)
Perhaps the most comprehensive layman's book on the market, this guide is a must-read if you're considering a radical prostatectomy. Written by Johns Hopkins urologist Patrick Walsh.

- Prostate Disease (1996)
The book, written by the chief of urology at Massachusetts General Hospital, is especially strong in providing readers with information they can use. For example, McDougal points out that busy physicians often don't have time to read up on the most recent literature, and so he tells readers how to access the latest medical literature on prostate cancer as well as information on clinical trials.

- Prostate Cancer For Dummies (2003)
If you are one of the thousands of men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year, then this straightforward guide that uses “non-medical” terminology is for you. Prostate Cancer For Dummies is a consumer guide that provides concise, up-to-date information on treatment options and discover how to cope with treatment side effects, receive the follow-up care you need, and handle work and family life during your recovery.

- Updated Guide for Surviving Prostate Cancer
Topics elegantly adressed in the book: iLife-saving body balancing; Two approaches to brachytherapy; Live longer with hormone refractory cancer; Avoid repeat biopsy with proven procedure...

- INTIMACY with IMPOTENCE, The Couple’s Guide to Better Sex after Prostate Disease

- The Lovin' Ain't Over: The Couple's Guide to Better Sex After Prostate Disease
Book is a practical guide providing couples with alternative strategies to reinvigorate love and understanding after prostate cancer treatment. The authors, Ralph and Barbara Alterowitz, have survived prostate cancer and its consequences and have talked to hundreds of survivors and partners.

- How I Survived Prostate Cancer... and So Can You
A comprehensive book that provides prostate cancer patients with essential information on both traditional and nontraditional treatment options for the disease. The author, James Lewis, Jr., Ph.D., who is Executive Director of The Education Center for Prostate Cancer Patients (ECPCP).

- Prostate Health in 90 Days Without Drugs or Surgery provides patients with options to more conventional treatments. These options are designed to avoid the occurrences of effects such as impotence, incontinence and other problems which reduce the quality of a prostate cancer patient's life. Written by a prostate cancer survivor, the book discusses the use of nutrition, massage, herbs, homeopathy and other alternative healing approaches, as well as ways to increase patients' all-around well being.

- The ABC's of Advanced Prostate Cancer
Give information on what to expect when cancer has recurred or spread beyond the prostate, requiring advanced treatment. The medical information presented is an organized, friendly and jargon-free approach to assist in the understanding of the options available to prostate cancer patients.

- The ABC's of Nutrition & Supplements for Prostate Cancer
Book offers expert advice on realistic approaches to the treatment of prostate cancer through common sense nutrition and supplements.

- Best Options for Diagnosing and Treating Prostate Cancer Presents objective and unbiased opinions about the "best" procedures, processes and treatments - even when they are not what physicians recommend. Designed to help prostate cancer patients challenge suggestions of their doctors, it also helps them initiate their own research to determine what diagnostic techniques and therapies are best for them. Written by prostate cancer survivor James Lewis, Jr., Ph.D., who is Executive Director of The Education Center for Prostate Cancer Patients (ECPCP), this is unlike any other survival guide you can find about prostate cancer.

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