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    Before you start to search for the best prostate cancer treatment, find out whether your doctor's treatment plan is the best standard treatment. There are at least two ways to do it: check whether your doctor's plan follows the national comprehensive cancer network's guidelines; or send your prostate cancer treatment plan to elite hospital/ doctors and let them give your second opinion.

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    Is Your Prostate Cancer Treatment the Best, Up-to-Date? Guidelines for Diagnosis, Treatments, Supportive Care, by Top Experts, for Doctors, Updated Annually or Whenever Needed. for Patients; for Doctors
    Treatment Option Tool, Based on Newly Available Treatment, Updated Research and Leading-Edge Clinical Trials from Biotech, Pharmaceutical Companies,

    Unless you are fully cured, cancer may come back or it is too advanced to be treated. Standard prostate cancer treatment is limited in dealing with these situations. Most of cancer patients need to actively search for better treatment to prevent recurrence, or for advanced stage.

Prostate Cancer Survival Rate:
    Prostate cancer survival rate varies greatly from person to person. Partly because most patients are seniors and they may have other health problems. For example, some develop hypertension, stroke, diabetes, or other tumors. These diseases will complicate study results, and each by itself can also be fetal.

    By prostate cancer itself, according to one recent study by Stanford University Medical Center, a patient's survival rate is closely related to 3 major factors: Gleason grades 4 and 5, the cancer size, and whether lymph nodes, lymph or blood vessels are involved. Other factors like PSA level, capsule invasion play unsignificant role.

    People may be confused (for a good reason): if my standard treatment can't offer a cure, is it likely that there is a better melanoma treatment? The answer is a fortunate yes for the following reasons: first, there are new emerging treatments; second, there are better treatments developed in other parts of the world and they are not yet available in US; third there are effective treatments that are not yet subjected to scientific study.

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