skin cancer support resource
skin cancer support resource
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-General Guide
-Local Cancer

-Cancer Chat Rooms
-Bulletin Boards

-Personal Stories
-Support Hotline
-Mailing List
-Practical, Emotional

-Special Support

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Skin Cancer Support Resource:

General Guide, Information

How Support Groups Benefit Melanoma Patients (skin
- Guide to Support Groups and Information Sources (skin
- Getting Help, Support and More Information (cancer
- Melanoma Support Groups and Programs (melanoma

- Guide to find cancer support group (
- Find cancer support guide (mayo

Local Cancer Support

find yourself, or phone help (cancer
- general guide for local cancer support
- Find local support group by map, by sate

- Local young adult cancer support, by state, some donít have

Cancer Chat Rooms

Cancer chat room (cancer
- Scheduled, still working? (support
- Cancer chat, not active (
- Cancer chat rooms, not active (   

Cancer Message Board, News Group

Dermatology/ skin cancer message board (med

- Active, cancer discussion group (med
- Cancer bulletin boards, emotional support, active (
- Fair number participation, cancer news group (medicine
- Fair number participation, cancer bulletin boards (delphi
- Cancer forums, stress chat
- cancer survivors message board, discussion group, less active, religious slant (
- Cancer news group, less active
- cancer bulletin boards (pro health
- Young adult with cancer forum, somewhat active (ulman
- Health, cancer forums, less active (harvard u.)
- cancer bulletin boards (cancer
- cancer support forums (block
- Cancer bulletin boards, less active (shared experience)
- cancer message board, less active (pro health
- Few participation, cancer message board (cancer trials
- several types, cancer support news groups (oncology

- Breast, ovarian cancer message boards
- young cancer survivors support group (

- cancer and workplace support (

- cancer pain message board

- metastatic cancer message board

- For lesbian, cancer news group (american cancer society)

- military cancer survivors support group

- rare cancers message board

- adult children of cancer survivor support (

- stem cell, bone marrow transplant news group

- Numerous health news groups, less active    

One-on-One Cancer Support

connects people with similar health problems for mutual support
- Private electronic cancer support groups

- Peer cancer support connect, for young adult    

Cancer Stories

Melanoma patient story (
- Melanoma patient stories, personal website (sun
- Melanoma news story (

- Cancer story collection
- Large collection of cancer personal stories (
- Many cancer stories
- Search for cancer personal stories, by cancer type (shared
- Cancer personal story collection (cancer
- Large collection of cancer survivor stories (cancer
- Many cancer survivor story accounts, also in video (live
- Conventional, alternative treatment cancer personal stories, many (fighting
- Cancer personal story collection (cancer
- Many cancer patient story selection (cancer
- Cancer stories, many accounts (cancer
- Numerous cancer survivor story selection (cancer
- Cancer story, more to right (
- Cancer personal experience, many (cancer
- Cancer personal stories, numerous (cancer
- Several, cancer personal story (onco
- Cancer story, numerous (cancer
- Cancer story collection (
- cancer personal story (cancer
- Many cancer personal stories, short (cancer and
- Cancer survivor stories, many shorts, photo (cancer trials

- Teen 3 times cancer survivor, patient website (ulman

- Many cancer pain personal experience (

- Cancer patient diary collection (shared

- Cancer caregiver story, audio (
- Testicular cancer caregiver story, audio (
- Brain cancer caregiver story, audio (
- Brain cancer patient caregiver story, >9 years, audio (
- Colon, prostate, islet cell, cancer caregiver story, years, audio (
- Bladder cancer caregiver story, audio (
- Leukemia caregiver story, audio (
- Tongue cancer caregiver story, audio (

- Numerous links to cancer stories (   

Cancer Support Hotline, Counseling

Ground, Indoor Air Quality Planning and Standards, Ozone Depletion (800) 296-1996 (
- American Society for Dermatologic Surgery: skin care, dermatologic surgery procedures, lipo letters, before after photo 1-800-441-2737 (
- The Arizona Cancer Center hotline: information and materials 1-800-622-2673 (
- Melanoma awareness hot line 1-866-463-6663 (national
- Inquiry from consumers, patients about cancer care 1-800-252-2990 (aurora health
- Skin cancer hot line 1-800-SKIN-490 (skin
- Melanoma education, support hotline (858) 277-4426 (skin

- Nutrition hotline: 800-843-8114
- Cancer Information & Counseling Line (CICL) 800-525-3777 8:30am - 5:00pm MST
- Hotline 800-486-2873 cancer support, counseling
- Cancer supports, 888-793-WELL
- cancer hotline (cancer
- Cancer support talk, 8-5 cst, m-f (university of pittsburgh)
- cancer counsel hotline, answered by pro, or survivor, 800-ICARE-61
- Cancer supports, answered by nurse, need to fill form (university of pittsburgh)   

Mailing List

cancer mailing list (cancer
- cancer treatment mailing list (   

Cancer Coping, Dealing

No association between anxiety / depression and relapse-free survival in patients with cutaneous malignant melanoma (
- Lowering Stress for Melanoma Patients (health
- Melanoma stress cope tips (skin
- Melanoma psychological dealing (huntsman

- Cancer workplace, family, social coping (
- Cancer emotional coping, depression, anxiety, sex, making most of doc visit, when treatment stops working (
- Cancer depression, anxiety, family, friends coping (
- Cancer anxiety, causes-treat-questions for doctor (cancer
- Cancer family coping (
- Cancer cope: talk about
- Cancer workplace, daily practical matters coping
- Cancer fear, depression, anxiety emotional coping, tips
- Cancer mental health, stress, coping
- Cancer coping: how to tell child, a story
- Cancer living: how to tell child, checklist,

- Expert interview about cancer fear, stress coping, living (web
- Cancer fear coping, panel expert discussion, video

- Emotional health checkup
- My planner for daily life
- Cancer depression self-assessment

- How to tell kid mom has cancer

- Survival statistics, expect

- Cancer dealing: quality of life, live with cancer

- Cancer coping: partner, children, doctor, friends, co-workers, tips, for gynecologic cancers

- Cancer stress dealing, several ways, v.good, for gynecologic cancers, (gillette cancer

- Tips on how to cope during holidays

- emergency assistance, links (cancer

- Cancer coping: new image, live with cancer    

Cancer Supports: Different Groups

for lesbian cancer support (202-332-5536)

- Children cancer coping (chi
- Young person cancer support (candle
- young adult: cancer support (planet
- Grant A Wish Foundation    

Cancer Donate

Cancer donate, gift for research, education, advocacy, and service (
- Cancer donate, volunteer, for information, supports, community building (eyes on the
- cancer donate, gift for cancer clinical trial (cancer trials

Send a E-Card

Send loved one, friend e-card, regards (eyes on the
- Send card     (

Fun, Game



Cancer support organization (cancer links
- Large collection of cancer information, resource (cancer
- Cancer support organization listing (cure
- Cancer coping, expert interview (web

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