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Testicular Cancer Book
- It's Not About the Bike (World Champion Cyclist, Nonseminoma)
In this book, Lance Armstrong--a world-class athlete nearly struck down by cancer, only to recover and win the Tour de France. Armstrong is a thoroughgoing Texan jock, and the changes...

- Sweet Victory : Lance Armstrong's Incredible Journey
A children's Book about Lance by Mark Stewart

- Learning About Resilience from the Life of Lance Armstrong
A Children's Character Building Reference.

- Brian Piccolo: A Short Season (Football Player, Mediastinal Nonseminoma)
An excellent book that provides a far more detailed look at Brian Picollo's experience with cancer.

- Brian's Song
The original TV Movie from 1972!

- Making the Radiation Therapy Decision

- Landing It: My Life on and Off the Ice (Olympic Figure Skater, Nonseminoma)
Scott's Autobiography book

- In the Country of Illness : Comfort and Advice for the Journey (Sportswriter and Author, Nonseminoma?)
Lipsyte had testicular cancer twice, the first time back in the 70's, so he experienced 2 years of chemotherapy. His wife also died of breast cancer. The book discusses the entire experience.

- A Shining Season : The True Story of John Baker (Runner/Coach, Nonseminoma)
This book details John's diagnosis of metastatic testicular cancer (a death sentence in 1970), and what he did with his life before cancer took it from him. (Movie)

- Climbing Back : A Journey With Cancer (Nonseminoma)
A book about an army officer's 2 time journey through diagnosis, surgery, treatment and recovery from testicular cancer. It also discusses the trials and tribulations of staying on active duty after treatment for cancer.

- Five Seconds to Air : Broadcast Journalism Behind the Scenes (News Anchor and Motivational Speaker, Nonseminoma)
Bob's story, including a detailed account of his battle with testicular cancer.

- Steve Scott the Miler: America's Legendary Runner Talks About His Triumphs and Trials (Runner, Nonseminoma)
Steve's Autobiography.

- Vital Signs: A Young Doctor's Struggle With Cancer (Physician, Mediastinal Seminoma)
Dr Mullan chronicles his battle with cancer.

- Protecting Your Financial Future
This book primarily deals with protecting your estate and assets in trying times, it also includes some tales of cancer survival.

- Cancer Ward
Solzhenitsyn's vaguely autographical experience with testicular cancer (Seminoma).

- Campbell's Urology
A very comprehensive, very large urology reference book.


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