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Support Resources

General Guide to Throat Cancer Support Group:

site rating
Basic Guide to Throat Cancer Support Group,
Local Resources for Throat Cancer Support Group:

site rating
Excellent Database to Search for Local Throat Cancer Support Groups, Organizations: cancer;
All Community Resources for Throat Cancer Support, Group, Events...
Info, Tips to Start Local Support Group, or Increase Activities, web
Clearinghouses for Local Mutual Aid Support Groups, mental

Inspirational Throat Cancer Survivor Story:
Throat Cancer Survivor Story, audio,
Throat Cancer Personal Story, Late Stage, Survivor >6 years, young
Throat Cancer Survivor Story, Surviving >11 years.
Head and Neck Cancer Patient Diary.
Collection of Laryngeal/ Throat Cancer Personal Story, Experience, shared
Throat Cancer Personal Story, Celebrity, e
Throat Cancer Story, Survivor >8 years, cancer
Throat Cancer Patient Diary,
Throat Cancer Story, Experience with Smart-Beam, (more to right).
Throat Cancer Stories, 2 Personal Account, md
Throat Cancer Story, Faith, cancer
Throat Cancer Personal Story, video, live (click more stories, find john).
Throat Cancer/ Laryngectomy Personal Story, lary
Throat Cancer Story, Personal Site, mark the
Cancer Pain Personal Story Collection,
Throat Cancer/ Laryngectomy Story, Experience, web
Online Throat Cancer Chat Room:
Large Participation by Patient, Family, Survivors, Friend...; in Cancer Chat Room Yahoo.
Cancer Chat AOL.
Throat Cancer Chat: Weekly in Small Group, or Expert Facilitated wellness-community.
Cancer Chat, Fewer People onco

Throat Cancer Message Board:
Big Participation, Many Groups, Throat Cancer Message Boards,
Throat Cancer Message Board,
Less Active; on Throat Cancer Bulletin Board,
Less Active, on Head and Neck/ Throat Cancer Message Board, shared experience.
Throat Cancer Message Board, web
Throat Cancer Bulletin Board,
Laryngeal/ Throat Cancer Message Board, laryngectomy
Less Active, Throat Cancer/ Laryngectomy Message Board, lary
Thyroid Cancer Message Board, Less Active, cancer
Face to Face Throat Cancer Support Group:
Listing of Local Head and Neck/ Throat Cancer Support Group, by City ,
List of Local Throat Cancer/ Laryngectomy Clubs, Support Groups, by State, larynx
List of Local Throat Cancer Support Groups, by State (some don't have) gildas

Patient-Survivor Throat Cancer Support Group:
Matches Newly Diagnosed with Successfully Treated Cancer Survivors of Same Type, bloch
(Laryngeal) Cancer Support Group Network, md anderson.
Individual Cancer Support to Patient, Family by Trained Survivors of Similar Experience cancer hope
Facilitated Phone Throat Cancer Support Group or One on One, (800-813-HOPE), e-mail)
Individual Cancer Support to Patient, Family by Trained Survivors, by Email or Phone med

Throat Cancer Support Hotline:
Throat Cancer Support Hotline Answered by Cancer Social Worker; also Online Live Help, all, 800-832-8321, email.
Cancer Support Hotline Answered by Cancer Social Worker, also Online Live Help; 800-4-CANCER, TTY: 8003328615 (9am-4:30pm local time) NCI.
Cancer Supports Hotline, Patient, Family to Call for Question, Any Time in US, 800-ACS-2345
Individual, Group Support about Emotional, Practical Matters, Answered by Cancer Social Worker cancer 800-813-HOPE, email.
Body Image/Self-Esteem Issues: Information, Support for look good feel 800-395-LOOK.

Mailing List for Throat Cancer Support Group:
Join Laryngeal Cancer Support Group or View Patient's Messages,
MD Anderson Cancer Support Group by e-mail, as a Member your Message will be Sent to All Members.
Throat Cancer Laryngectomy Mailing List, web; Moderated.
Throat Cancer Support Group Mailing List, cancer
Cancer Mailing List, (impossible to unsubscrib).

Radio Programs for Cancer Support:
Call-In Cancer Talk Show: Weekly Syndicated, Linking Callers with Other Patients, Long-Term Survivors, Experienced Physicians, and Therapists, Free, also Web Access, Worldwide, also in French vital

Throat Cancer Depression, Work-Place Coping, Support:
Cancer Patient Social Relationship: Family, Partner, Work-Place, Friends,
How to Deal with (Throat) Cancer Depression, Anxiety..., Detailed; techniques of relaxation
Throat Cancer Spiritual Aspect, Information, Tips.
Cancer Appearance Tips,

Throat Cancer Donation, Volunteer:
(Throat) Cancer Donation, Volunteer; for Research, Education, Advocacy, Service,
(Throat) Cancer Donation, Volunteer help, Research, Prevention, prevent

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